Imagine the gentle power of warm, welcoming waves, perfectly sandy beaches, and weather that leaves you wanting more. Welcome to a St. Lucie getaway. What is that something more you’ll experience? World-class fishing, watersports, mastering golf swings, or retail treasures. Whether by water, by land, or around town, St. Lucie’s greatest gems are yours to explore.

Fort Pierce: A Top Fishing Town in Florida

Fort Pierce: A Top Fishing Town in Florida

It has world-record fishing in a small town. Fort Pierce is known for being one of those charming, Old Florida towns lined with palm trees, as one would imagine. The city is one of the oldest communities on the east coast of Florida and stays true to its fishing...

An Intertwined History of Prolific Art in Fort Pierce

Art and cultural history connoisseurs will be pleasantly surprised (and enthralled) to discover a rich heritage of nationally recognized artists that were inspired by Fort Pierce – the place they called home. Visit Fort Pierce and learn how A. E. “Beanie”...

Top 3 Reasons to Visit St. Lucie this Winter

1. Escape the cold! Whether you're coming from way up north or somewhere that layers of clothing are necessary, get to sunny St. Lucie! After all, every day can be a beach day - it's time to enjoy the un-sweater weather. Take in beautiful "Old Florida" landscapes on a...