Looking to escape to a uncrowded and relaxing Florida destination this year? Add St. Lucie to your 2024 bucket list.
1. Florida’s Hidden Gem
Discover land and coastal conservation for authentic Florida adventures, stunning views, and small town charm at a laid – back pace.
2. Stunning Sunrises & Sensational Sunsets
Early risers enjoy breathtaking sunrises over the ocean and evening explorers witness the sun melting into the horizon. See some of these incredible views live here
3. Alluring Hospitality & Great Affordability
Enjoy friendly & helpful locals and reasonably priced accommodations, dining and entertainment.
4. Diverse & Unique Communities
Experience beach vibes mixed with western cattle ranch scenes, historic neighborhoods mixed with award-winning planned communities,
and trendy activities mingling with traditional ones.
5. Vibrant Arts, Culture & History
See small towns with big art and history. Revel in funky & quirky art scenes or classic outdoor concerts. Learn where the U.S. Navy SEALs
first began or trace the steps Zora Neale Hurston took when she called Fort Pierce home. 
6. Stay Local While You’re Away
Indulge in locally crafted beer, wine and cider. Dive into fresh local seafood. Make a stop at our nationally ranked Farmers Market every Saturday morning.
7. One-of-a-Kind Should be our Middle Name
Home to the largest tropical bonsai tree garden in the world, the only place in south Florida where you can ride a horse on the
beach, stay at the only all-inclusive resort in the U.S. and so many more things that you’ll only find in St. Lucie.
8.The Gem of the Treasure Coast
St. Lucie is located in the center of the Treasure Coast. The story of the Treasure Coast began over 300 years ago when a fleet of Spanish
ships sunk just offshore scattering gold, silver and jewels onto the seafloor. To this day, these treasures are still found by lucky beachgoers
and divers giving the region its well-deserved name. 
See you soon?
8 Awe-Inspiring Reasons to Visit St. Lucie




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