Along the waters of St. Lucie, where the sun dances on 21 miles of pristine coastline, we’ve uncovered six sandy gems that’ll have you swooning like a true Florida connoisseur. These beaches are a real life postcard, where visitors and locals alike revel in their diverse offerings. From thrilling water escapades to serene nature retreats, they’ve got it all. But here’s the scoop – these stunning beaches haven’t succumbed to the masses. Nope, they’ve kept their charming secrets, off the beaten path of those South Florida crowds. So, put on your sunscreen and grab your shades, as we embark on a sunny adventure to unveil these St. Lucie treasures.

  1. Fort Pierce Inlet State Park

Locals and visitors alike can’t help but fall head over flip-flops in love with Fort Pierce Inlet State Park! One of the main reasons it’s a hotspot? The surfing. We can’t get enough of Fort Pierce Inlet State Park’s perfect peeling waves. The break here is the stuff of legend, drawing wave riders from all corners of the US to catch the perfect swell. You don’t have to be a surfer to visit this gorgeous beach – with a wide sandy entry and plenty of tide pools, it’s dream spot for families, couples and just good ol’ fashioned beachgoers. For those looking to paddle their way into adventure, you can launch your kayak or canoe from the calm waters on the south side of the park, where the shimmering sun dances on the water’s teal blue surface. But shh, don’t let the secret out too loudly – this place also boasts hidden spots where you can escape the crowds and discover your own slice of serenity. So, whether you’re carving waves, gliding in a kayak, or hunting for those secret spots, Fort Pierce Inlet State Park is the ultimate playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

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2. Walton Rocks Beach

Walton Rocks Beach in Fort Pierce is a sandy haven where visitors and locals unite in a mutual adoration for its delightful pet-friendly atmosphere. Furry friends frolic freely along the shoreline, their tails wagging in pure beachy bliss. But it’s not just about the four-legged pals; beachcombers of all species are enchanted by the treasure trove of seashells that wash ashore. It’s a shell collector’s dream come true and a beach scavenger hunt that never gets old! So, whether you’re chasing waves with your pup or hunting for the perfect seashell, Walton Rocks Beach is where sun, sand, and smiles collide in perfect harmony.

What’s nearby? Endless miles of beach! (21 to be exact 🙂)

3. Waveland Beach

Waveland Beach in Jensen Beach/Fort Pierce is a seaside gem adored by visitors and locals. It’s the ultimate family-friendly spot, complete with a vigilant lifeguard keeping watch over the waves, ensuring everyone’s safety while they splash and play. But the fun doesn’t end at the shoreline – there are plenty of nearby accommodations, vacation rentals and restaurants where you can unwind after a sun-soaked day.

What’s nearby? Waterfront Dining at Shuckers and Kyle G’s Prime Seafood & Steaks

4. Pepper Park

Pepper Park Beach in Fort Pierce is a hidden coastal treasure cherished by both visitors and locals too. Nestled just behind the one-and-only National Navy SEAL Museum, it’s not just a beach; it’s an adventure hub! With convenient amenities like clean bathrooms and a fantastic playground, it’s a haven for families. But wait, there’s more! Snorkeling enthusiasts rejoice as you’ll find vibrant marine life at the reefs just off the shore, turning an ordinary swim into an underwater safari. This slice of paradise on North Hutchinson Island brings smiles to faces young and old, making Pepper Park Beach the ultimate recipe for sun-soaked, sea-inspired fun!

What’s nearby? National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum & Jack Island Preserve State Park

5. South Beach

South Beach Park in Fort Pierce is a beach lover’s dream come true! It’s a great spot where visitors and locals unite for sun-soaked fun. Just a leisurely stroll away from the iconic Fort Pierce Jetty and a tempting selection of restaurants, it’s like a buffet of coastal delights. South Beach Park effortlessly blends the relaxation of a pristine beach with the convenience of South Hutchinson Island life, making it a favorite destination for beachgoers looking to soak up the sun and savor the local flavors.

What’s nearby? Dining at Archies, Square Grouper, Taco Dive and the famous frozen Rum Runners at the Fort Pierce Jetty

6. Blind Creek Beach

Blind Creek Beach in Fort Pierce is a one-of-a-kind gem that visitors and locals adore for its unique, natural charm. As one of the few clothing-optional beaches in Florida, it’s a liberating oasis where people can embrace the natural beauty of the shoreline and themselves. This beach is all about shedding more than just layers – it’s about letting go of worries and immersing yourself in the serene, untouched landscape. Surrounded by the unspoiled, natural beauty of Blind Creek Beach, it’s no wonder it’s become a treasured escape for those seeking a liberating and authentic beach experience in the Sunshine State.

What’s nearby? Blind Creek Kayak Launch, Pie Hole Pizza

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