Doug Shepard is a native of Indianapolis and began playing guitar and singing when he was 8 years old. After high school, Doug began touring regionally promoting his all-original band Diamond and had some major label interest in a song he wrote called “One Last Night” However, the deal fell through but this never stops Doug from pursuing his desire to sing to write and perform music.

Benito DiBartoli a native from Pasadena California began playing guitar at a very young age. Benito is known nationally for his amazing blues guitar playing and tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughn. Anna Martinez Shepard’s soulful voice establishes the signature harmonies that were sung by Richie Sambora and complements the lead vocals of Doug Shepard setting apart Crush from other Bon Jovi tribute bands.

Greg Baker is a native of Indianapolis and began playing music in his teens and by the 90s was signed to Columbia Records with Indianapolis based band called Pod. Jeff Huffman currently plays drums with The Impalas, Dean Martini, Hired Gun, and the legendary Bon Jovi tribute band CRUSH.

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