Birding Season in St. Lucie

Undiscovered St. Lucie is home to more than 21,000 acres of avian habitat as part of a wide network of trails, parks and nature preserves.  Visitors are sure to spot unique and potentially rare species while exploring these areas. 

Fort Pierce Inlet State Park

You can’t beat this state park to catch a glimpse of a variety of gulls, terns and shorebirds.  For the fortunate visitor, a reddish egret or a magnificent frigatebird may make your list. (please note: there is a nominal admission fee at the gate)

Feathered Finds & Where to Spot Them

Indrio Savannas Preserve

This 300-acre nature preserve is a great place to spot a variety of birds including migrant songbirds.  It is also home to some very gregarious Florida Scrub-Jays, and offers a chance to spot wood ducks and northern flickers as well.

Feathered Finds & Where to Spot Them

Paleo Hammock / Teague Hammock

These side-by-side nature preserves offer diverse habitats and extensive trail systems through hardwood hammocks  (islands) of large shade trees, marshes and wet meadows.  These habitats support a large variety of birds, both common and uncommon.  Some interesting seasonal species include the Loggerhead shrike, Crested Caracara, Waterthrush, Bald Eagle, Snail Kite, Swallowtail Kite and many passerine species such as Painted Buntings.

Feathered Finds & Where to Spot Them

Bluefield Ranch Preserve

This peaceful nature preserve is located in the rural western lands of St. Lucie. Although somewhat remote, birders will find it’s worth the trip!  Bluefield offers more than 3,000 acres to explore on more than 20 miles of trails.  Avian species of interest here include Bachman’s Sparrow in the spring, Red-headed woodpecker and Eastern Bluebird.

Feathered Finds & Where to Spot Them

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