Why We're Called the Treasure Coast

A story of history & treasure

Find real treasure on the Treasure Coast. 

The story of the Treasure Coast began over 300 years ago when a fleet of 11 Spanish ships wrecked offshore between the St. Lucie River and Cape Canaveral. These ships were sent to collect new wealth from the American possessions of the Spanish Empire and bring it to Spain. On their way back, this treasure-carrying fleet was sunk by the winds of a hurricane, scattering gold, silver and jewels over the seafloor. To this day, these treasures can sometimes still be found washed up on the shores by lucky beachgoers, giving the region its well deserved name. 

How the Treasure Coast Got its Name

Rare 8 Escudos Lima dated 1710 recovered from the 1715 Fleet.

How the Treasure Coast Got its Name

8 Reales Mexican Silver cob full date 1715 recovered from the 1715 fleet.