Just along the Treasure Coast, experience a quaint destination where your dreams of a simpler time come to life. Take in the history, hospitality & great beauty that is St. Lucie. Here are our best 10 Old Florida features:

  1. Rather than the usual pines and palms, White City Park features tons of old oak trees dripping in Spanish moss. Small boats can put in here & take the old-Florida scenic route along the St Lucie River all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.


2. Take a drive down one of Florida’s most iconic highways, State Road A1A for the best beach bound drive. We also encourage visitors to take the Indian River Drive for a tropical Florida vibe, keep your eyes peels for the fins of dolphins or manatees coming up for air!


3. The St. Lucie River is beautiful body of water that winds through St. Lucie County. Take a canoe or kayak ride down the river and enjoy spotting wildlife from otters, gators, manatees, turtles and more. You can also take a boat tour along some of the most scenic areas with River Lilly Cruises


4. Visit the  Lucie County History Center and get a small glimpse at the foundation of how St. Lucie’s community first began. Learn about the Aix Indians, the 1715 Spanish shipwreck, the rise of the fishing & citrus industries and more.


 5. Visit the P.P. Cobb building in downtown Fort Pierce that once served as the settlement’s General Store in the 1800s. The store carries the same old timey vibe offering old fashioned candies, sodas and ice cream. Or grab a table and order from the menu while watching people stroll by. 


6. Fishing was and is a way of life for many in Fort Pierce. In the 1800’s, many fisherman and their families traveled to Fort Pierce and some still say it resembles the quaint fishing village it once was. 


7. Step into the shoes of one of Florida’s most celebrated landscape artists, A.E. “Beanie” Backus. At the E. Backus Museum & Gallery,view this Florida Artists Hall of Famer’s masterpieces in the museum that owns the largest collection of his original paintings.


8. You can not only horseback ride on the beach in St. Lucie, but you can also take a guided horseback ride through miles of beautiful scenic Florida Savannas. 


9. In 1895, Lenyer Adams came to Florida to begin the family tradition in agriculture. When Alto Adams, Sr. bought a tract of land in St. Lucie County, the first herd was brought to the ranch with a cattle-drive through what is now central Florida. To date, 4 generations of the Adams family have been involved with hands-on management of the ranch. Today, Adams Ranch is one of the largest cow-calf ranches in the U.S. The Adams Ranch Braford cattle are bred for open range success under Florida’s tropical sunshine- Hungry visitors should check out The Braford in Downtown Fort Pierce.



"St. Lucie is a place you can go for relaxation. Not too fast paced or too slow, just enough for someone just wanting to unwind." – St. Lucie Visitor