Seashell Guide for Beachcombers

Shelling in St. Lucie

St. Lucie beaches can be more than a place of tranquility and relaxation —it’s also a shelling enthusiast’s paradise. 

Tip 1 – Choose the Right Beach

Our favorite beaches for shelling are Walton Rocks Beach, Frederick Douglass Park Beach & Fort Pierce Inlet State Park; however you are likely to find a beautiful collection of seashells at any of our 21 miles of beaches. 

Tip 2 – Timing is Everything

Many know that low tide is the best time to go seashell exploring. But if you go early in the morning you are more likely to find a better assortment of seashells-discovering hidden treasures before other beachcombers head out – and you can enjoy the cool morning breeze coming off the ocean. If you visit after a thunderstorm or strong winds, you may stumble upon a larger treasure trove of shells than normal. Some have even found actual Spanish treasure! 

Tip 3 – The Swash Zone

Be sure to always check out the the swash zone (where waves run up the sandy slope) for seashells. This is where the sand stays wet and many shells come washing up on shore overnight. But beachgoers may not realize that the best treasures are not always in the swash zone…

Tip 5 – The Wrack Line 

The average beach-goer may not realize that the best treasures are not always in the swash zone —they are often hiding in the line of brown plant material (aka seaweed) that can sometimes be found along the beach. This area is known as the wrack line. Although “crunchy,” and unsightly to some, the wrack line is a wondrous place for treasure hunters to explore. The observant beachcomber will find an amazing assortment of sea finds, from sea glass & amazing seashells to unique pieces of driftwood. Treasures found in the wrack line may have traveled hundreds or even thousands of miles, riding ocean currents to reach our coast!


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