Top 6 Reasons to Visit Fort Pierce

Are you planning a trip to Florida this summer? Fort Pierce is the ideal place to visit! Fort Pierce is centrally located to three airports: Orlando International, Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, and Palm Beach International Airport. This makes visiting the beautiful Treasure Coast a breeze!

Fort Pierce is for Beach Lovers

One of our favorite activities in Fort Pierce is heading to the beach. With miles of white sandy beaches, Fort Pierce is ideal for beach lovers.

Our favorite strip of beach is at Avalon State Park. Bringing our beach chairs, towels, and snorkel gear and spending a day relaxing on the beach and snorkeling in the clear water is such a treat. Watching the surfers as they catch the waves, and ride them to shore is fun.

We are also turtle lovers, and Avalon State Park beach is a haven for sea turtles, including Green turtles, Loggerheads, and Leatherbacks. Walking the beach, we’ll spot the nests, but we don’t touch them or get too close so we won’t disturb their eggs.

Hitting the Links in Fort Pierce

Getting out in the fresh air and getting some exercise while hitting the links for a game of golf is an enjoyable way to spend a summer morning or afternoon in Fort Pierce! You never know what you’ll see.

Jim loves playing the challenging 18-hole, par 70 course at Gator Trace Golf & Country Club. While playing,  spotting an alligator or two is not an unusual occurrence on the Gator Trace course.

Fort Pierce’s Farmers Market Means Fresh

Beginning around 6:30am on Saturday mornings downtown begins to hum as sellers set up their tents and tables. By 8:00am, the Farmers Market is in full swing.

This is one of our Saturday morning rituals. We’ll wake up early and head down to the market to buy fresh local produce, hand-crafted gifts, fresh locally caught fish and seafood. Nothing beats being able to purchase food that you know where it comes from.

Grabbing a fresh cup of coffee, we wander the tents, looking at what catches our eye to cook up. Did you know that this Farmer’s Market is THE top farmers market in Florida and the 3rd best across the US?

Explore Fort Pierce’s Main Street & Catch a Show at the Sunrise Theatre

Walking downtown Fort Pierce is nostalgic. Many of the buildings date back to the 1920s, 30s and beyond.

The historic Arcade Building dates back to 1926 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s built in a Spanish Colonial Revival style, which was popular in Florida.

Walking the streets of downtown Fort Pierce reminds us of many of the small towns that we’ve visited. The hometown feel, small locally owned shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and ice cream and gelato shops with the friendly people, and the relaxing vibe are all reasons that we love Fort Pierce!

The Sunrise Theatre is another surprise. Opening the doors in 1923, it was the largest theatre on the east coast of Florida between Jacksonville and Miami. Completely renovated to its original beauty, the theatre offers a variety of Broadway quality shows, musical acts, and performing arts. We love attending shows at the Sunrise – the acoustics are fantastic!

Getting Crafty in Fort Pierce

After a hot day of fun, there is nothing that beats a nice cold glass of cider! Pierced Cider Works is the brand new hotspot in Fort Pierce. 

We’ll often bring a picnic dinner and head for the cidery to cool down after a day at the beach. They have an area in the back that has lights and tables, and a relaxing vibe – ideal for a picnic. Enjoying a couple of glasses of their cider to go along with our picnic is a great way to dine al fresco and relax.

The cidery is also dog-friendly and family-friendly, so bring the whole family! Zach, our 10-year old Maltese loves going to Pierced Cider Works with us for dinner. He might have a lick or two of the cider too.

Fort Pierce is for Stunning Views

After our day on the beach or on the golf course, and an early dinner at Pierced Cider Works, we’ll stop at Jetty Park. It’s truly a spot for locals and visitors alike. There are always fishermen fishing off the jetty and families out enjoying the beautiful weather. Pelicans hang out on the rocks surrounding the jetty, and they love to be photographed.

The reason we enjoy coming to Jetty Park the most is for the lovely morning sunrises & evening sunsets. Walking the beach, looking for treasure that the ocean has washed up, and catching the stunning views is one of our favorite activities! Sipping a refreshing drink and relaxing on one of the many benches scattered throughout is a great ending to the day.

With so much to do and see in the summer, we love inviting our family and friends to visit us in Fort Pierce.

Fort Pierce is genuinely an ideal place for the entire family to spend a weekend or a week. Young ones will be anxiously awaiting the time to play on the beach, building sandcastles and collecting shells. Adults will be relaxing on the beach, or shopping downtown. Evenings are filled with laughter, taking walks on the beach, and discovering all that Fort Pierce offers.

Betsi and Jim are travelers, writers, and photographers. This dynamic duo moved to Fort Pierce in 2013 from Virginia when they were looking for a home for their 47’ sailing catamaran. Once they arrived in Fort Pierce they knew  they were home! They love their hometown, and take every opportunity to share all the wonderful things to do in St. Lucie County with their out of town friends.

This dynamic duo has been published in regional and global publications, and they are the founders of Betsi’s World, a smart luxury travel and lifestyle blog.

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