Local Faves for Foodies!

Hey, fellow foodies! Are you ready to discover the tastiest treasures of our coastal paradise? Look no further! We’ve got the scoop on the must-try eats at our local hotspots. From seafood to sweet treats, get ready to drool and dive into the flavors of our beloved St. Lucie community.

  1. Surf & Turf at 12A Buoy

Tucked away in the Port area of Fort Pierce, 12A Buoy is a hidden gem that’s a must-visit for seafood lovers! This laid-back restaurant serves up some of the freshest, most mouthwatering seafood dishes you’ll ever taste. Their surf and turf dish is a standout – succulent lobster and tender steak, expertly prepared to bring out the natural flavors of the sea and land.

  1. Rum Runners at Jetty Lounge
    If you know, you know… Jetty Lounge’s Rum Runners are a local legend! Tucked away in an unsuspecting spot on the beachside across from the Jetty Park in Fort Pierce, this lounge serves up a tropical twist on the classic cocktail. Don’t let the chill vibes fool you – their Rum Runners pack a punch (and a flavor explosion!).
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  1. Fried Shrimp at Chuck’s Seafood and Steaks
    Chuck’s Seafood and Steaks is a Fort Pierce institution, situated on the picturesque Fort Pierce Inlet. This waterfront restaurant boasts stunning views of the Indian River and serves up fresh seafood and premium steaks to match. Their fried shrimp is a must-try – hand-breaded and cooked to a golden-brown perfection. Don’t miss out on this local favorite!
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  1. Steak at Oak & Ember Steakhouse
    Oak & Ember’s got the perfect cut for steak lovers. Savor every bite of their mouth-watering masterpieces! The steaks are dry-rubbed with a special blend of spices and herbs, then grilled to perfection over an open flame. Whether you prefer a tender filet or a hearty ribeye, Oak & Ember in Port St. Lucie’s got you covered. And if you needed more persuasion, they’re a winner of OpenTable’s Diners’ Choice Award in 2023!
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  1. Ice Cream from Joy’s Ice Cream
    Cool off from a beach day with a sweet treat from Joy’s Ice Cream! Their homemade ice cream is made fresh in-house, with new and exciting flavors always being added to the menu. From classic favorites to unique twists, Joy’s has the perfect scoop to satisfy your sweet tooth. Some local favorites include Superman, Batter Up & Orange Dream!
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  1. Donuts from Dixie Cream Donuts
    Rise and shine with Dixie Cream’s fluffy, sugary delights! These aren’t just any donuts – they’re the fluffiest, most tender treats you’ll ever indulge in. Get there early, because they sell out fast! Don’t miss your chance to taste the melt-in-your-mouth magic.
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  1. Blueberry Fritters from Berry Fresh Cafe
    These homemade fritters are made with love and served with a side of creamy yogurt dip, making them the perfect accompaniment to a savory breakfast or brunch. Indulge in the sweetness and start your day off right!
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  1. Cuban Sandwich at Mervis’ Café
    Experience the flavors of Cuba at Mervis’ Café in Fort Pierce! The classic Cuban sandwich is a must-try when ordering at this unassuming spot owned by a local Cuban family. Mervis’ has a loyal following among the locals, and for good reason. While you’re there, be sure to grab a café con leche, too!
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  1. Burger at Buffalo Chophouse
    Get ready for a juicy, mouth-watering burger at Buffalo Chophouse in Port St. Lucie! These premium beef burgers are cooked to perfection and served with a side of crispy fries. Whether you’re a classic cheeseburger fan or prefer something more adventurous, Buffalo Chophouse has got you covered!
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10. Wings at Thirsty Turtle
This local chain, with locations in downtown Fort Pierce and in Port St. Lucie, provides the perfect snack for sports fans and wing lovers alike! The crispy, flavorful wings come in a variety of sauces to satisfy your cravings. Thirsty Turtle’s wings are so irresistible, even wing skeptics can’t help but fall in love!

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Happy eating, and don’t forget to share your foodie adventures with us! #VisitStLucie