Why You Should Honeymoon in St. Lucie

Why You Should Honeymoon in St. Lucie

Whether you’re looking to relax in marital bliss on the beach or tackle a new adventure together- St. Lucie could be the perfect destination for you & yours to honeymoon. 

1. Secluded & Beautiful Beaches

With over 21 miles of uncrowded and pristine beaches to choose from; get away from the crowds and hustle and bustle of a typical South Florida beach. Did you know that Fort Pierce is also known as the “Sunrise City”? Find out why & catch a sunrise on the beach during your visit.

2. Romantic Accommodations

Whether you want to stay beach-side or at an exclusive resort, St. Lucie has lots of great options for couples. Want to wake up gentle waves on the beach? Check out the Hutchinson Island Plaza Hotel & Suites or The Lucie on South Hutchinson Island. See all of our places to stay here.

Why You Should Honeymoon in St. Lucie

3. The Dining Views

Wine & dine and take in a sunset along the Fort Pierce Inlet or St. Lucie River. From fresh seafood on South Hutchinson Island to tasty ethnic cuisines in Port St. Lucie, enjoy a meal at one of these local favorites. Looking for luxury? Dine at Oak & Ember in Port St. Lucie for the ultimate date night experience. 

4. Unique Couples’ Activities

Go horseback riding on the beach at one of the few places in Florida that allows it! Looking for a fun nature escape? Go motorized kayaking on the Indian River Lagoon-that’s right, no paddling required! Couples looking to explore something new can check out the St. Lucie botanical gardens.

Why You Should Honeymoon in St. Lucie

5. Ample Opportunities for Relaxation

“Relaxing, laid back, tranquil-not too fast paced or too slow, just enough for someone wanting to unwind.” – St. Lucie Visitor.

Couples love to unwind in St. Lucie. Catch a breathtaking sunrise on the beach or creamsicle sunset in Port St. Lucie along the river. Soak in the scenery at one of our botanical gardens. Book a reservation for a relaxing boat tour on the water. From spas, to calm beaches, to soaking in the sun-St. Lucie is the perfect romantic destination for your honeymoon.

Why You Should Honeymoon in St. Lucie