Explore the Paths Less Traveled

Check out our top places to explore…to get away, & experience nature, wildlife & beautiful scenes in peace & discovery. 

1. Indian River Lagoon

The Indian River Lagoon mangrove tunnels are an amazing opportunity to see this beautiful estuary up-close. Wander via kayak, canoe or SUP through stunning mangrove “trails” and tunnels. 

Where: Launch your kayak out of Little Jim Bait & Tackle on North Hutchinson Island. Hug the right side of the lagoon and take the first right along side the boat docks. This path will take you to several mangrove trails & tunnels for exploring.

Spot: Be on the lookout for manatees, dolphins & sea turtles and many fresh & saltwater birds along your journey!



2. Jack Island Preserve State Park

These breathtaking views of the lagoon & can be found at the perfect pitstop on your hike or bike at Jack Island Preserve State Park. Stop by the observation tower to take in the scenery or stop for a picnic. 

Where: Hike or bike your way down the trail all the way to the end, (approximately 1/2 mile) and you’ll find the observation deck.

Spot: Birds, crabs along the mangroves, & otters.

Explore the Paths Less Traveled
Explore the Paths Less Traveled

3. George Lestrange Preserve

Whether you want to catch the perfect sunset or get in a little exercise, George Lestrange Preserve is a great place to get some fresh air in the peace & quiet. 

Where: Walk half-way around the loop around the lake at George Lestrange Preserve and you’ll find a trail that heads towards Ten Mile Creek. Take it all the way down & you’ll find this cozy picnic spot.

Spot: Alligators, otters, manatees & more.

Explore the Paths Less Traveled
Explore the Paths Less Traveled

4. Fort Pierce Inlet State Park

The Fort Pierce Inlet State Park has a little something for everyone (surfing, sunning, kayaking, etc!) but it also is home to this unique beach spot.

Where: Pull in to Fort Pierce Inlet State Park & take a right towards the pavilions when the road comes to a fork. Head towards the water & you’ll find this cool beach spot!

Spot: Boats heading out the Fort Pierce Inlet, brown pelicans & sea turtles.

Explore the Paths Less Traveled

5. Spruce Bluff Preserve

Get your steps in on this unique hike through Port St. Lucie’s Spruce Bluff Preserve. The self guided trails describe the site of the 1891 pioneer settlement and the largest burial mound known left behind by the Ais Indians. 

Where: This 97 acre preserve is filled with many boardwalk trails & views for hiking. Adventurous folks can also visit Spruce Bluff via canoe from the North Fork of the St. Lucie River.

Spot: A variety of birds, marsh rabbits, & more.