A Family Water Adventure

St. Lucie is home to miles & miles of gorgeous waterways from the Indian River Lagoon, the St. Lucie River & beautiful, serene, beaches. Follow along with the Cook family as they enjoy a day out on the water in St. Lucie. 

St Lucie is a dream destination for families who love the water. From the beautiful beaches, to taking a boat tour on the intercoastal to watch for dolphins, to sunsets at one of the many parks overlooking the water – there is no end to activities available for families of all ages!


Today, we decided to be tourists in our St. Lucie and we are going to take you with us for a day of fun in our beautiful waters. So grab your sunscreen & your swimsuits, and let’s go!

We are starting the day with a tour of the Indian River Lagoon with Dolphin Watch Tours. It’s a comfortable spacious pontoon boat that can accommodate up to six people on a sightseeing tour starting off at Stan Blum Boat Ramp in Fort Pierce Florida. Captain Adam pointed out places of interest and gave us the history of the area while our sons Ian and Cilly pretended to be pirates. We learned about the about the floating islands and even saw a dolphin, the tour was amazing! Something we didn’t expect was to see parts of the lagoon we had never known about as locals.

The tours are very affordable for private or group tours so it’s a great summer activity for everyone! We will definitely be back!

After docking on dry land we decided to grab lunch and then meet up with our friends at one of the parks Captain Adam pointed out from our tour, Jaycee Park on Hutchinson Island in Fort Pierce. This park is located on a large, beautiful open area with a splash pad for kids and a giant three story playground (a small toddler sized playground is adjacent so younger kids aren’t left out). What makes this place truly special is its location on the Indian River Lagoon. Not only can you see the most beautiful sunsets, but you can also see dolphins jumping in the distance; it is absolutely dreamy.

We decided to catch the sunset from the beach to complete our day on the water. St Lucie has over 20 miles of beaches in the area and all of them are beautiful. We choose Dollman Park Beach in Fort Pierce to end our day. It is located on Hutchinson Island and is bordered by seagrass and muscadine grape vines. As we walked to the beach we saw a sea turtle nest that had been sectioned off. Sea turtles are an endangered and beautiful part of the local wildlife, and, depending on the season – you can see nests along the dunes. It had rained further off shore earlier so there was a rainbow over the water for our entire visit. The sky was all shades of blues and purples with the sunset behind the beach. Such a peaceful and beautiful way to end the day. Ian and Cilly played with shells, built a sandcastle and chased the tides as they came in and back out- my husband and myself just soaked in the scenery.

St Lucie beaches are still largely unspoiled and are truly special. Go beach exploring and find one that captures your and your family’s hearts.

Christine Hannon Cook is a work at home mother of 3 adventurous children, (two boys and a girl) and one travel happy husband. She moved from Broward to Port St Lucie in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. When not working or child wrangling she can be found gardening, cooking, or taking pictures of her gardening, cooking, and or children. Traveling and reading take up any time leftover and coffee is always welcomed.

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